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Adjuring:(Tocommandsolemnly; toswearbyGod; or totakeanoath.)Ifonesees himselfswearinginGod’sNamebefore someone in adream,itmeansthatthe otherpersonwill deceive him. Toswearsolemnly bythestars,thecelestialsigns or byanyphysicalsigninadreammeansarrogance,deception,humiliation, hypocrisy orheedlessness.Ifone istruthfulinhisoathinadreamitmeansthat hewillwinhisargument,speakthetruthorperformanactthatpleasesGod Almighty. Toswearby God in adreamwhenfailuretoperformrequires atonementmeansfollowingthetruthandemulatingtheleadingexampleof God’sProphet,uponwhom be peace.

Adam 0


Father of humanity, upon whom be peace. In a dream, Adam represents the elements of sin and repentance. He also represents one’s father or the governor of the land. When seen standing in a...


Acknowledging devotion

If one sees himself acknowledging devotion or worship of another human being in a dream, it means enmity with that person. But, if one sees himself confessing his wrongdoing in a dream, it means...